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CSR Hungary Award 2021

Eventiada IPRA GWA 2021

CSR Doing Good 2021


Cooperation for the protection of our planet
A multitude of celebrities and experts are drawing attention to the global consequences of the decline of pollinators and the importance of their protection.

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Wide-ranging educational programs
We have already reached out to over five million people with our publications, events, and appearances.

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Europe’s largest pollinator exhibit
We opened Europe’s largest interactive pollinator exhibition at the Hungarian Natural History Museum.

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Gallery and video

About the roles of bees and honey

The honey bees collect the raw material of honey from the nectar of the flowers and the honeydew selected by the leaf and shield lice in their antrum and deliver it to the hive.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of honey types

So many flowers, as many types of honey. It is hard to imagine how many different types of honey bees can make, all of which have different beneficial effects.

What can you do for bees?

The most we can do for them is to plant bee pastures, only use chemicals that do not harm bees, and purchase honey from Hungarian producers.