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They form a couple both in life and work, both in their thirties. Balázs Fodor‘s family manages a fifty-hectare farm, but there are no beekeepers among his ancestors, yet he chose this path. His partner, Dóra Fejérvári, supports him alongside her full-time job. They keep more than a hundred beehives in the vicinity of Hajdúdorog.

They collect a substantial amount of nectar locally, including on the family-owned land and in the nearby acacia forests and orchards. When they migrate, they take the hives to nature reserves where there is no chemical use.

They consider it important to cultivate a love for bees and honey from early childhood, so they regularly visit local educational institutions to share stories with the children about beekeeping. Preschool groups can also adopt beehives from them, and the honey produced by these hives is gifted to the institutions.