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Initially, Éva Simonné Venter dabbled in beekeeping alongside her husband, József Simon, while holding a full-time job. However, when in the 1990s her third child started preschool, she had to make a choice: return to her work as a laboratory technician or commit to beekeeping as a full-time profession. They live in the area and collect honey from their local region in the Vértes Hills, but they also move their hives. In the past, they even travelled as far as Szeged for acacia.

Éva places great importance on the unity of the beekeeping community. This is why she took on the role of president of the Turul Beekeeping Association in Komárom-Esztergom County. Additionally, as a marketer for the National Hungarian Beekeeping Association, she works on promoting Hungarian locally-produced honey and increasing its consumption. She visits schools, summer camps, health events, and engages in conversations with children and adults about bees, honey, and beekeeping.