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Gergely Lupis, along with his partner Barbara Balla, breeds French Bulldogs and has ventured into beekeeping in Pácin, located northeast of Miskolc near the Slovak border. They live on the edge of a Natura 2000 area, next to a two-hundred-hectare forest and a lake formed from the Tisza River’s oxbow. This is a perfect location for organic beekeeping, as it boasts a variety of plants from willows and hazelnuts to hawthorn and nettles from spring to autumn. They only migrate for acacia, but it’s just to the nearby Nyírség region. They sell a portion of their organic honey themselves, while the rest goes to buyers.

Gergő enjoys experimenting, and this led to the family’s introduction of “méhkenyér” (bee bread) to their table, which is essentially fermented bee pollen. In addition, they’ve been producing their own-developed dog cosmetics and therapeutic products for dogs for the past few years, with beekeeping products being among the key ingredients.