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It all started from a childhood memory when Attila Nagyernyei, at the age of five, became acquainted with the work of bees with the help of a beekeeper living next to his grandfather’s carpentry workshop. Despite having a promising career as an industrial engineer at the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, he made a change in the 1980s and started beekeeping with his wife, Judit.

They acquired an abandoned cowherd’s house on the shores of Lake Szálka, about thirty-five kilometres from their residence. They settled there, and it remains the centre of their beekeeping operation. However, they migrate their bees to acacia, rapeseed, sunflower, and other crops. One of the peculiarities of their beekeeping is the hawthorn honey, which is quite rare. Over more than forty years, Attila and his family have only been able to extract honey from hawthorn three times.