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At the age of nine, Tamás Kutasi asked his father to buy him a beehive, and just a year later, he was already gifting honey to his teachers in hopes of getting better grades. As a teenager, he learned the craft from the BEEKEPERS near Pesthidegkút and subsequently obtained a professional qualification. He has been beekeeping in the Buda Hills for thirty years with around two hundred and fifty beehives. For a decade, he has been practicing organic beekeeping, selling his products himself, with even elegant Budapest restaurants buying from him.

He is also actively involved in shaping public awareness and is an active member of the Buda Beekeepers Network. He operates a demonstration beehive at Normafa, where preschool and elementary school groups from the area visit. He introduces children to the life of bees and the work of a beekeeper. He hopes that many young people will venture into beekeeping.