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“The launch of the Bee the Solution!’ program brought together professionals from various sectors, including government and private, to collectively work towards the protection of pollinators and support for beekeepers. The success of the past years has shown what can be achieved when different stakeholders with varying approaches can harmonize for a common goal. I extend my gratitude to all our supporters for their collaboration!”

József Vida, a businessman himself, is also involved in farming and keeps bees. In 2019, he first read about the significant issue of pollinator decline and how in several regions of the United States, farmers are forced to spend substantial amounts to replace wild pollinators with domesticated honeybees.

That’s why he decided to collaborate with others to combat pollinator decline. A year later, this idea gave birth to the ’Bee the Solution!’ program. Since then, József Vida has been actively involved, not only participating in our own events but also representing the program at other gatherings and meetings. He is a member of the jury for competitions and has joined several stops on the roadshows.

As a professional chef who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, József Vida has co-authored three honey-themed recipe books with Magdi Rúzsa. Additionally, alongside another program ambassador, Szabó Zsófi, they have created a fourth cookbook specifically for children.