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“We are all responsible for the most vital creatures on our planet, the pollinators. It was never in question that I would support the program because consuming honey can contribute greatly to our health, and by saving the bees, we are working towards a better future for all.”

One of the most popular Hungarian singers, Magdi Rúzsa, has been our ambassador since the launch of the “Bee the Solution!” program, and she is a frequent guest at our events. Born in Vojvodina as a country girl, she has always enjoyed working in the kitchen, cherishing the aromas and flavours, and sharing homemade dishes with her family.

Magdi was raised by her parents, who made a living from agriculture, to respect nature and embrace sustainable lifestyle. Even as a child, she understood the importance of valuing the gift of bees and not exploiting beehives.

Magdi Rúzsa and the founder and creator of our program, József Vida, share a common passion for cooking. They have already co-authored three honey-themed recipe books, featuring traditional dishes, reimagined delicacies, and instructions on making Magdi’s favourite desserts. What makes these dishes special is that each one includes honey as an ingredient. In addition to the recipes, the books also introduce beekeepers.