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“It’s crucial to teach the future generations, starting from early childhood, that there’s no need to fear bees and other pollinators, and that we can coexist with them. I’m glad to have joined the Bee the Solution!’ program and be a part of this effort.”

One of the most popular television presenters, Zsófi Szabó, joined the “Bee the Solution!” program as an ambassador in 2022. Since then, she has promoted honey at numerous children’s programs and encouraged the protection of pollinators.

Zsófi played a leading role in our honey cookie contest roadshow, where she visited the winners’ preschools, telling young children about bees and honey. On World Bee Day, during an event held at the Hungarian Natural History Museum, she hosted a popular quiz show for elementary school students about pollinators and honey.

She also helps introduce children to the world of cooking. In collaboration with our program’s creative mind, József Vida, she co-authored a children’s cookbook. “Buzzing Around the Plate” shows how to prepare many beloved children’s dishes with a honey-infused twist.