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Buzzing in the Museum

We opened Europe’s largest pollinator exhibition in the Hungarian Natural History Museum in 2022. Our interactive exhibition introduces visitors to the mysteries of bees and other pollinators’ lives with a multitude of visual aids. It reveals the secrets behind honey production and includes breathtaking animated films, as well as a bee installation the size of a car,

A Glimpse into the Hive

The exhibition illustrates the differences in visual perception between bees and humans. We showcase the structure of bee colonies with striking imagery, portraying their intricately organized daily lives within the hive and in the wild. Visitors will discover the vital role of the bee dance. We compare various wild pollinators, including insects whose involvement in pollination might come as a surprise.

Ancient Craft

Bees are depicted even in the rock art of the Cro-Magnon man, indicating that beekeeping has been practiced since prehistoric times. We summarize the history of beekeeping, present its current state, and delve into the shared daily lives of beekeepers and bees. We walk through the steps of honey production. The exhibition also explores apitherapy, the millennia-old medicinal use of beekeeping products. As such, visitors can experience an apitherapy house, an authentic replica of a real hive-like room.

One With Nature

We promote pollinators not only with the “Buzzing in the Museum” exhibition. The „One With Nature” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition event was held in Budapest in 2021, that attracted more than 100,000 visitors. We participated in the event with an interactive educational booth, welcoming around 60,000 visitors. School groups, in particular, enthusiastically participated in our quiz game.