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Beekeeping products are used for various purposes.


It is not just for flavouring food. It is used to treat extensive wounds in humans and animals, for example, when a horse is bitten by a wolf. The cosmetic industry incorporates it into skincare and haircare products, and it’s an important additive in the production of alcoholic beverages. In the past, it was also used for preservation and canning.


Athletes consume it to increase muscle mass, and it’s added to infant formula. It is also fed to competition animals like horses and camels for similar purposes. It generally has immune-boosting and disease-preventive effects. In greenhouses, it’s used to feed bumblebees responsible for pollinating vegetables, such as tomatoes.


It is used in the automotive industry to create special castings, in construction for polishing marble tiles and flooring, for polishing optical lenses, and for impregnating quality paints. Manufacturers of children’s furniture treat wood with beeswax, and the cosmetic industry incorporates it into ointments and creams. In Eastern Christian churches, only beeswax candles are burned because they don’t soot the icons.

Royal jelly

It is applied to burns and other wounds and is used to treat hormonal issues in women planning to have children. The cosmetic industry also utilizes it due to its skin-renewing properties.


Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is mixed into medications and therapeutic products. Organic agriculture employs it as a fungicide and bactericide, and it is also used to treat wooden musical instruments.

Bee venom

It is an ingredient in medications, for example in HIV treatment, and is directly used for reducing inflammation and pain relief.

Bee larvae

It is becoming an increasingly popular delicacy, enjoyed either roasted or preserved in oil. Anglers use it as bait on their hooks.

Wax moth larvae

They are used in medicine and as a source of food for pets, like turtles.

Hive experience

The air and ambient sound in a beehive have a soothing effect and can be used for relaxation purposes or even to alleviate migraines.